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There is a dynamic balance to this land, being in the desert yet between the mountains and the sea. The creatures and their spirit ---- from the laughing quails to the quick footed lizards ---- bring such a life and light to La Tierra Sagrada. They and this place have brought balance and light to my life. Marilyn Wyzga, Hillsborough, NH

All of the living spaces are so beautiful ------ open, airy and uplifting. They really reflect the land and the local culture. It has been pure pleasure to live outdoors.

I fell in love with La Tierra Sagrada immediately. The contrast of the desert with the ocean and all the colors and sounds of these two merging worlds satisfied something in me which I can not even describe. Hot days and cool, breezy nights and the constant lullaby of the crashing ocean waves were all contributing aspects to the totality of this sensory experience. The campsites and cabanas are ideally tucked away into private little nooks, while still managing to be within close proximity of the other campsites and all necessary facilities, i.e. kitchen, toilets, showers. The hot showers were so appreciated on the cool mornings and evenings --- a real luxury. Rita Jann is a delightfully radiant host of La Tierra Sagrada ----- welcoming, accommodating and warm. Any reservations were gently eased away for our entire yoga group on the orientation night with Rita Jann's orientation talk. This is truly a rich, beautiful and sacred place. Alexis Lyon, Oakland, CA

The land here is magical and with time, the soul becomes rejuvenated. Rita Jann, thank you for pursuing your vision and your dreams. If it weren't for your passions, we all would have missed out on life at La Tierra Sagrada. Brooklyn Tindall, Eugene, OR

La Tierra Sagrada, the Sacred Earth, indeed! What an absolutely enchanting and magical, spiritual place. The ocean comes and meets the desert here. The tepees are so beautiful, like sentinels watching over this land. The wildlife is so abundant and the lush oasis is incredible. I especially enjoyed the hot showers in an authentic Spanish style setting.

Rita Jann, thank you so much for the wonderful council and walk though the medicine wheel. I loved our moon ceremony - it was so special to me. I am still so very honored and humbled to have been a fire keeper in the sacred ceremony of the Kali fire. You have humbled me and truly inspired me and I feel so honored to have been able to spend this time on the sacred mother earth and thankful to you for the opening of your heart and the land to us all. I will return again one day - and I hope we can walk in the medicine wheel together again. Know that you have left footprints in my heart and you will always be with me and in my prayers. Trish Remley, Carpinteria, CA

La Tierra Sagrada is such a beautiful oasis. It is magical, mystical, peaceful and awe-inspiring. You can get in touch with your inner nature in this super-natural nature. I loved the Kali fire. I felt lighter and still felt that way upon waking the next morning. In fact, I still feel that way now. You are blessed in your narrations. Thank you, Rita Jann. Karen Sanchuk, Ontario, Canada

La Tierra Sagrada and its keeper, Rita Jann, are blessings here on this Earth. The vibrations, sounds, energies, colors, life and so much more are all gifts that have taught me and made me realize and understand so much about this life. The interconnectedness of all and the experiences with other spirits on this sacred earth have been profound and life changing for me. I am thankful and truly grateful to have been a part of such a luminous journey! Namaste! Shanti! Aho!
Shawna Emerick, Brooklyn, NY

Being immersed in nature at La Tierra Sagrada allowed my soul to dance the deep divine movements toward my personal journey. The surf has fed my spirit's poetry as this land and sky has nurtured my heart, body and soul. Jayne Schell, Taos, NM

Rita Jann, Thank you for being the keeper of this magnificent place. Thank you for your vision. It reached me all the way in Sackatchewan and compelled me to take the courage to come here and change my life. I hope we can share more time together in the future.
Jeff Pufahl, Regina, SK, Canada

La Tierra Sagrada lives up to its name, it is Sacred Earth. Rita Jann contributes to this sacredness. She has inspired me with her beautiful words. Jennifer Day, Van Couver, BC, Canada

I am grateful for the amazing experience I had on this land. I became so much closer to the person I want to be while living on the land. I honor it and cherish it. Thank you.

La Tierra Sagrada, my wish is that it always remains a refuge for wildlife, people… and un-landscaped, free wheeling cactus and desert shrubs. The chance to live (with mutual respect) with the cacti and other wonderful creatures was truly a beautiful, powerful experience. Thank you so much for keeping this area natural, clean and welcoming all visitors.
Lynden Grothe, Fairbanks, AK

Shine on with your beautiful light. It was amazing meeting you when I walked on La Tierra Sagrada. We all cross paths for a reason and it shall do us many wonders. I love you, Thank you for giving me a home while I was here for the month. You will always have a home in my heart. We shall never part! All my love to you and the land! I felt its sacredness----OMMMMMM!
Jenny Rae, Plymouth, MN

Rita Jann, you have made a very special oasis. When I am back home, it will be challenging with all the chaos and people. I hope all the tools I have learned here will keep me strong and peaceful. It is such a special and magical place here and I appreciate all that you have created. Thank you so very much for just everything you've done for me here. Kate, Vineyard Haven, MA

Thank you for this opportunity to stay here at La Tierra Sagrada. It will be an experience I will never forget. There is so much healing energy on this land and I am so grateful. I forgot what it is like to have a home to go back to. La Tierra Sagrada will always be in my heart.
Lillian Strange, Las Vegas, NV

The Sacred Earth, how true…… If we could only get inside the moment we walk through the gateway, leaving everything for just a time, making room for this peace and energy to envelop us and nurture us and entertain us. Ah, for mute lips and silent voices, gracious terrain, quiet melodies, prayerful drums. You and your work, Rita Jann, are deeply acknowledged and appreciated. Anne E., Trinidad, CA

You decide to let La Tierra Sagrada lead the way; you will have an inexplicable connection to things you've never imagined.

La Tierra Sagrada is laid out for the asking. You walk in bare, then, expecting, (rightfully so) the land to support you with your every footstep. You let the air, water, wind, sea, earth and creatures who live here carry out their energy and you listen: quietly, receptively, carefully. You look, you see and you envision. You accept that you are a speck in this vast symbol of the natural world and you maintain a sacred trust. In so doing, you respect and honor La Tierra Sagrada and all it represents, truthfully.

La Tierra Sagrada is the program. This is the secret. The rest is window dressing and our need to be in conscious "endeavor".

Programs are designed to complement, not over ride the Sacred Earth and the ecosystem. Slow down, let go, let La Tierra Sagrada lighten your life, mind, heart.

La Tierra Sagrada is a beautiful refuge for wildlife and people.
The environment should be actively observed, given time, quietly resided in.

The "Real Program" is here. The embellishments in special pursuits need commensurate grace, subtle sensitivity, resting places, intents and openness.

It seems as though there is not an extensive enough perception of the power of La Tierra Sagrada and the life that precedes visiting humans.

At La Tierra Sagrada, the Sacred Land, there is the very quiet, subtle, gentle, metaphysical suggestion that we "let" the land, wildlife, earth, sky, air, water, waves take over the energy. If we accept this very quiet offer, we are immediately provided with grace of the greatness of all greats: SPIRIT. We are allowed to become respectable participates in an ecosystem and 'lifescape'. Birds sing, talk, cackle, send messages, carry on love stories continually. The water is always blue and the waves change often. The beach is sandy white. Tepees, cabanas and palapas dot the landscape. A gentle curly-cue of trails connects campsites to the other accommodations and the sleeping areas all connect to the open-air kitchen/dining area and the meeting center. There are many acres and many opportunities for privacy, as well as to gather.

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