Retreat into Nature, Todos Santos
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Facilitated by Rita Jann


My life and work are centered around a knowledge of our ability to grow and learn on many different levels. As I discover tools that help me, I integrate them into my work and draw from them according to your needs and desires. But my most important gift to you is me ­ I come to you with a heart that is open and loving. For love is, after all, the one great healer. The love we share in our hearts brings us together as one and opens us to the healing power of the universe.

In "SACRED WISDOM, SACRED CHI", we utilize the breath, sound, the healing touch of loving hands, crystals and guided meditations to actualize our deeper connection with the God/Goddess within us all. Our experiences include learning and sharing hands-on techniques, connecting with our own energy field and feeling that energetic connection with others, whether they be from the spirit world or the animal, plant or mineral kingdoms. Our week of “Retreat into Nature” includes cranial/sacral therapy, chakra balancing using crystals, fire ceremony with shamanic journeying, meditations around the medicine wheel and spending time alone in nature.

The time alone in nature is part of the extended experience. It allows for deeper attunement, connection, and awareness to all that is, both within us and all around us.

We receive a greater awareness, a higher energy level, clearer intuition, and the feeling of being more alive and whole. We create a deeper communication with our spirit guides and helpers. We learn healing modalities to use on each other, the planet and ourselves. We remember who we are.

The schedule for the 5 day introductory retreat and the 9 day intensive offers classes and Experiential Participation in Qi Gong, Intuitive Enhancement and the Flow of Energy. Click here to view the entire schedule.

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