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About Rita Jann Geeslin!    

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Rita Jann received a Bachelor's of Science degree with honors in Mathematics and Science from the University of Central Arkansas. She continued her studies in nutrition and holistic healing and has provided professional health care services throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Rita Jann lived among the Salish and Kootenai Peoples of western Montana for many years, learning the native spiritual and cultural traditions. A personal search for healing took her on a vision quest in the early 1980's that lead her to the creation of Holistic Health Services in Hamilton, Montana in 1983 and to her present path of service in healing as a steward of the Earth.

Rita Jann established the Wellness Center of Cabo San Lucas at the Hotel Hacienda Beach Resort in 1990. She and her associates maintained a thriving practice with clients from all over the world, until 2005, when the Hacienda Beach Resort was sold.The new owners closed the Hacienda to construct a new resort, so, at that time, Rita Jann moved the Wellness Center to her retreat facility, La Tierra Sagrada.

She is blessed to be able to live part of each year in two sanctuaries: one at La Tierra Sagrada (the Sacred Earth) on the Pacific Ocean, between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico; and the other, Crystal Springs on the Applegate River, in South West Oregon, USA, between Jacksonville and Applegate. The heavens and the earth meet in these magical paradises.

Individuals interested in being on the land, in nature, are welcome.
Rita Jann is available for private healing sessions and Chi Gong classes where ever she is in residence.




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