Retreat into Nature, Todos Santos
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A 5 Day Introductory or a 9 Day Intensive Retreat


Day 1:

Arriving at La Tierra Sagrada begins our journey. Getting settled, casual introductions and dinner is our first day of the retreat. A list of what to bring, how meals and clean-up are shared communally will be available.

Day 2 through Day 5:

Each morning:

Qi Gong, an ancient practice similar to T’ai Chi. More info click here.
  Breakfast, clean up.
Each day: Lunch, clean-up.

Classes and experiential participation include:

Medicine Wheel Meditation with crystal attunements. More info click here.

Cranial/sacral therapy with guided breathing. More info click here.

The Healing Touch with Love and Light - deepening the cranial/sacral therapy with breath work.

Crystals and chakra balancing. More info click here.

Dancing with Energy: breathing, touching, movement, sound.

Fire ceremony with shamanic journeying. More info click here.

Integration of breath, sound, cranial/sacral and crystals with a guided meditation to activate the DNA. More info click here.

Practice time. More info click here.

Free time.


Day 5:
After lunch: Buen Viaje (Safe Journey) to those leaving after the 5 day Retreat. For those participating in the full 9 day Intensive:
    Medicine Wheel Meditation, leave for solo.

Day 6:
solo time

Retreat Into Nature.

Being alone in nature allows us to expand into a deeper awareness, to discover our true nature, our true essence. Many of the great prophets throughout history have received their deepest spiritual awareness while alone in nature; Jesus in the desert, Buddha under the Bodhi tree, Black Elk on the vision quest.

The two nights and one day alone in nature offers an opportunity to truly relax into beauty, tranquility and peace. An experience of profound love and compassion emerges as we re-enter the outer world. Many people find deeper meaning to their lives, their relationship with themselves, their communities and the Earth.

The location of the solo site can be chosen with a “buddy” close by, but not interfering with the solitude. During this time, participants either fast or eat simple foods. A facilitator nearby would be available to assist with whatever may be needed. Your well being is of primary importance.

Day 7:
In the afternoon:

Sharing/practice time.
In sharing our experience of retreating into nature, we begin to realize even deeper meaning and awareness for what we receive from being in solitude in nature. We find a connecting thread of truth that brings us together, understanding our missions on planet Earth as spiritual beings.

In the  
evening: Drumming, dancing, chanting.

Day 8:
In the morning: Qi Gong, an ancient practice similar to T’ai Chi. More info click here.
  We go deeper into what our experience has been for the week.
In the afternoon: Free time.
In the evening: Coming together, integrating energy field for re-entry into a new world.

Day 9:
In the morning: Organize, pack, clean up, and share a meal, hasta luego.

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