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I first came to the Baja Peninsula in 1987. I had been called by Spirit to come to the sunlight, the mighty Pacific Ocean, an oasis in the desert by the sea. At first, I settled into the pastoral life of the lush huerta of Todos Santos. In those early years, I knew I had been called home and that my mission was unfolding. As I explored the wild coast, I was continuously drawn to be in the desert on secluded beaches.

Rita Jann Geeslin

A window opened during the solar eclipse of 1991 to purchase a pristine rancho on the Pacific Ocean south of Pescadero. A vision revealed this land to be a sanctuary. This vision came to me one day in meditation. I was looking out over the land across the dunes toward the ocean. As I watched, I saw a very bright light emanating from the dunes and growing brighter. It was in the shape of a temple and the words came to me, “it is a Sanctuary of Light”. As I continued to look at the temple, a door opened and a group of spiritual beings came forth from the temple and made a procession onto the land. Soon after receiving this vision, I understood my role to be a guardian of this land.


One day, while on the beach watching whales play in the surf break, I saw a portal over the ocean. It was a luminescent silvery, light blue archway. The portal stayed in my view for an unaccountable length of time as I relaxed into the enjoyment of its presence. I felt very exhilarated in receiving this blessing and knew that others would soon be coming to this land. I was inspired to write this poem as an invitation.


Retreat into Nature
Recharge, Refresh
Relax, Rejuvenate

Where we find everything we need
A Sanctuary of Light
A Magical Paradise
Where the desert meets the sea.

Illuminating the Spirit
Purifying the Soul
Healing the Body
Opening the Heart
Freeing the Mind

Commune with Gaia and all her children
in the Pristine Awareness
of the Primordial Mother Earth Father Sky.


From living in the wild desert, I have experienced the blessings that come from being in solitude in nature. A door has opened to share these blessings, this land, with others. You are invited to come to La Tierra Sagrada (The Sacred Earth) to retreat into nature.

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