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Refresh the Spirit...
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Renew Yourself!"
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south of Todos Santos, Mexico
Greetings from Rita and The Wellness Center, Therapeutic Massage, Natural Health Care and Holistic Healing services await you.
Are you seeking greater meaning in your life? I have been blessed with many teachers who have shared with me their knowledge and experience in holistic healing. All that I've learned has contributed to a higher quality of life for me, and I find even greater joy and meaning as I help others heal themselves. I'd like to share my gifts, my knowledge and my skills with you, enabling you to experience a deeper sense of self through natural healing.
May you walk with a peaceful heart.....
Rita Jann Geeslin
Certified Therapist and Counselor


* Pathways to Healing

Where will your meditation take you? Find the beauty and the peace that lies within at the Wellness Center/Health Spa.
Touching the Spirit...
  • Transformational Healing
  • Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing
  • Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization
  • Universal Teachings and Ceremony
  • Crystal Healing
  • Meditation and Rebirthing
  • Spiritual Readings and Attunement

    The spiritual aspects of our lives are demanding our attention. As we search for meaning and purpose in our lives, we are given endless opportunties to look within - for it is there that all the answers can be found. Each of us is a being of light, moving and vibrating at a certain frequency. Working with our spirit strengthens the life force energy and helps us live in greater harmony with the world around us and ourselves.

* Therapy for the body, mind, heart & soul...

Your Mind Creates Your Experience... The Wellness Center/Health Spa Logo.
  • Transpersonal Counseling
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Natural Health Care
  • Nutritional and Diet Consultation
  • Herbal Remedies and Flower Essences
  • Life Enrichment Skills
  • Stress Management

    Participate with us in open, honest communication. Allow the questions that are bothering you to surface and be heard. Confront your limitations and move through them into peace and joy. You aleady have the power and strength you need! Our role is to act as a catalyst to assist you in experiencing yourself as a being with great personal power. As you visualize and affirm your goals you are creating the self you want to be. Through awareness and conscious choice, you will enjoy a life that is truly free.

* Experience the healing power of touch...

Rita giving one of her relaxing, theraputic massages at the Wellness Center/Health Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Your Body Tells the Truth...

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki
  • Shiatsu and Acupressure
  • Postural Alignment
  • Aroma "Rain Drop" Therapy with Hot Stones
  • Polarity and Energy Work
  • Reflexology and Trager

    Working with your body is a very direct way of awakening and releasing long-ago hurts. Your body will speak to you clearly when you take time to relax and open up to it. The gift of touch allows us to experience the joy of being physical entities. Everyone deserves time to be pampered and treated to undivided attention.
      Treat yourself or someone you love.


    Swedish Massage... Wavelike movements of the palms of the therapist's hands stimulate the respiratory, circulatory, sensory, lymphatic and neuromuscular system, generating magnetic energy while offering relaxation.


    Shiatsu... Acupressure applied by the tips of the fingers to acupuncture points and meridians reducing tension and creating a physical, emotional and mental balance.


    Sports Massage... Stretching of all muscles, ligaments and joints accompanied by stimulation of all the vertebrae, creating neuromuscular relaxation and relief from discomfort caused by sports injuries.


    Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Polarity, Trager... Specific therapies designed to release chronic or acute pain, restoring the body, the mind and the spirit to health and well-being.


    Healing Chakras... Opening all of the electromagnetic vortices by a combination of diaphragmatic breathing and utilization of all the above mentioned techniques, promoting healing of physical, mental, and emotional traumas and enhancing the human magnetic field.

    Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing... An ancient ritual of purification of the physical and etherical bodies is followed by a guided meditation utilizing the breath, crystals, toning, light and color. The crystal massage and aura cleansing magnify the healing and enhancement of the vibrational frequencies of the physical, mental and emotional connection with spirit.

    Aroma "Rain Drop" Therapy with Hot Stones... Provides a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience using a variety of essential oils that promote healing on a cellular level. The use of hot stones accentuates the penetration of the essential oils and releases chronic tension and stress throughout the body.


    Guided Deep Breathing... is an essential part of every healing therapy. Your life-giving breath soothes you, creating an open and receptive self. Your breath is your connection to your source, and as you follow it- watch it- listen to it- you will begin to hear the wisdom of your inner self.


* About Rita Jann

Rita eagerly awaits the opportunity to visit with you at the Wellness Center/Health Spa. Drop in, e-mail or call today.

    Rita Jann Geeslin...received a Bachelor's of Science degree with honors in Mathematics and Science from the University of Central Arkansas. She continued her studies in nutrition and holistic healing and has provided professional health care services throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.
   Rita Jann established the Wellness Center of Cabo San Lucas at the Hotel Hacienda Beach Resort in 1990. She and her associates maintained a thriving practice with clients from all over the world, until 2005, when the Hacienda Beach Resort was sold.The new owners closed the Hacienda to construct a new resort, so, at that time, Rita Jann moved the Wellness Center to her retreat facility, La Tierra Sagrada.
    She is blessed to be able to live part of each year in two sanctuaries: one at La Tierra Sagrada (the Sacred Earth) on the Pacific Ocean, between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico; and the other, Crystal Springs on the Applegate River, in South West Oregon, USA, between Jacksonville and Applegate. The heavens and the earth meet in these magical paradises.
    Rita Jann hosts retreats at La Tierra Sagrada and Crystal Springs, sharing her talents, experience and wisdom to facilitate a deeper attunement, connection and awareness to all that is, both within us and all around us. These Earth-based sanctuaries provide a place to retreat in nature for her and others..
    Individuals interested in being on the land for personal retreats are welcome.
    Rita Jann provides private healing sessions and Chi Gong classes where ever she is in residence.


* Where to Reach Us

If you are interested in more information about the services offered at
The Wellness Center
Please write or call...

Rita Jann Geeslin
E-mail: bajanatureretreats@yahoo.com

Tel: 541-899-9188
P.O.Box 931
Jacksonville OR 97530


* More About Us

Rita and the wonderful staff of the Wellness Center are waiting to serve you. Theraputic massage, natural health care, holistic healing, dietary/nutritional guidance, physical and spiritual assistance provided in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Would you like to...

  • Get in touch with deeper parts of yourself?
  • Free and expand your creative energy?
  • Release old pain and old patterns of thought?
  • Tune into your body?
    As teachers and practitioners of holistic healing, we work with three primary areas of being: the body, the mind, and the spirit. Although we separate the three when explaining our services, we make it clear that all are woven together. We focus on the entire person, not just the immediate, visible symptoms. We are here to assist you in experiencing a heightened awareness of your emotional, mental and spiritual needs, and to teach you how to integrate that awareness into your life.

    We offer a wide range of healing therapies to enhance your health and well-being, such as: 'Natural Health Care' including nutritional consultation: 'Transformational Hands-on Healing' including Cranial / Sacral therapy and massage: 'Spiritual Empowerment' including Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Crystal Healing. - Please let us know how we may best serve you.


* Testimonials

    "Relaxed, healed, wonderfully peaceful, these are the feelings you are left with after a session with Rita Jann. A true breath of fresh air."

Peggy L. Hampton, Publisher, Owner, ibid n.w.


    "Before I met Rita Jann, I had had five operations on my lower back and painful problems with my neck. For the last few years, she has given me professional and much needed relief. I recommend her highly."

Ray T., Retired U.S. Public Health Service, Musician, Mayor


    "When other methods didn't help, Rita Jann's methods did. With what she has taught me, I have been able to be a balanced, healthy, individual. I recommend her as one of the best."

Catherine Bagely, Publisher


    "Rita Jann's work exceeds the limits of the body technology to generate healing of the body, emotions and spirit. Her intuitive process gets to the heart of the matter and reflects the unique needs of each individual.
    Her work exhibits a creative blend of the healing arts, including massage, kineisiology and therapeutic touch."

Pamela Tuthill, MSW, Licensed Professional Counselor


    "A non-drug therapy, that allowed me to keep working and enjoy my time off more relaxed, as refreshing as an ocean cruise without the long trip or expense."

Joan Jacobson, Beauty Salon Owner


    "When I went to see Rita Jann, I had experienced weeks of back pain from an old injury. Her work provided the first relief from that pain and boosted the healing process. It was a wonderful experience."

Pamela Erickson, Choreographer


    "After three painful pregnancies, a fourth was not welcome news. Experiencing nausea, back pain and headaches, I started seeing Rita Jann in my third month of pregnancy and found it can be a rewarding, exciting experience. Together, we prepared my body and mind for carrying a child, and the time passed so quickly and with so little discomfort that it was truly a joy being with child."

Carol Dorman, Teacher

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